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Unions and large investors alike are demanding changes and Kmart may be Air Max Nike Thea the first one to respond, pledging to start its overseas factories to scrutiny. Di Martin examines a business that's long resisted giving specifics of its supply chain.Australian retail giant Kmart has pledged to throw open the doors of its foreign factories to independent inspectors, following outrage over garment industry disasters in Bangladesh.In the first to get a major Australian retailer, the business promises to reveal which factories it uses, allowing labour groups to test whether working the weather is ethical.Kmart's md Guy Russo made the pledge to Background Briefing amid a media blitz with the company soon. His statements seriously the back of months of community outrage following death of merely one,129Bangladeshi workers in the Rana Plaza collapse in April the one deadliest catastrophe from the good the garment industry.The garment industry, long recognized for its exploitation of labour, may be redefined by graphic images of mutilated workers and mass graves Nike Air Max pursuing the tragedy, and rebadged in some quarters as 'Fatal Fashion'.Kmart chief Guy Russo has additionally pledged to alter the way his company conducts audits so workers can speak freely about abusive or unsafe conditions.

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