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It had been discovered that the 50th percentiles of calculated microenvironmental concentrations of PM2.5 and O3 were significantly correlated with census tract level outdoor concentrations, respectively. However, as the 95th percentiles of O3 microenvironmental concentrations were strongly correlated with outdoor concentrations, this was Nike Roshe Run Damen far from the truth for PM2.5. By further examining the modeled estimates Nike 90 of the 24 h aggregated PM2.5 and O3 doses, it was discovered that indoor PM2.5 sources dominated the contributions to the total PM2.5 doses for that upper 5 percentiles, Environmental Smoking tobacco (ETS) is the Scarpe Nike Online Outlet most significant source while O3 doses on account of time spent outdoors dominated the contributions to the total O3 doses to the upper 5 percentiles.

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