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Inflammation of the inner part of the sinuses

Studies have found that allergic rhinitis affects about 20% to 30% of the population and its occurrence is higher in cold weather and the sudden changes in temperature.

Sinusitis It is an inflammation of the inner part of the sinuses, and can be due to several episodes of colds and flu, can in certain cases lead to pneumonia.

COLD It is a mild infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat), which usually heals on its own without the need to resort to drugs.

FLU This in turn is a contagious disease that attacks the respiratory tract (nose, throat and lungs) and is caused by a virus called Influenza.

Currently the government has invested in the vaccine, especially the elderly against influenza, which should be repeated every year because the virus has ability to change its structure periodically.

Though not found statistical data (numbers) to respect, it is known that this vaccine has reduced the number of cases of influenza and its complications in the elderly (audience). If no complications occur, they tend to experience her as the cold. Factors influencing the occurrence of these diseases

Changes in Climate Studies have found that abrupt climate changes and low temperatures affect the incidence of such diseases, because of the fact that the body directs its energies to maintain the temperature of the body balanced, which possibly weakens the organic defenses.

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