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The fires spread to three other homes on the west side of Garland, then another five were torched in the street. Neighbors say these folks were fueled by the familiar cycle of foreclosure, abandonment and scrapping. On Garland, like numerous streets within the city, UGGS Boots Cheap you can find a lot of empty homes and a lot of people seeking revenge through fire..

1998 05 26 04:00:00 PDT UGGS Boots Sale UK Los Angeles It has been a tough weekend for Darrell Issa. On Saturday, a newspaper sto ry suggested that Issa, a Republican Senate candidate, had used threats and hardball business tactics to develop his multimillion dollar car alarm company. Then on Sunday, a poll indicated that the Hillcrest area businessman's lead over state Treasurer had almost disappeared with simply of a week to look before next Tuesday's primary.Yesterday, he wound up dumping a planned Memorial Day speech on military affairs, a victim in the campaign time pressures all candidates dread.

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