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Both appeared in federal court in Newark but didn't enter pleas. They confront 5 years for violating arms export laws and as much as life in prison for two drug counts.Their attorneys declined to comment.In accordance with the complaint, Shen and Chang first broached UGG Online Clearance the idea of smuggling military technology in September, right before UGG UK they were in order to meet the agents in Sin city to talk about future narcotics deals.Both were caught on tape talking about clients linked to the Chinese government UGG Outlet who were enthusiastic about UGG Discount a variety of military things that included unmanned aerial vehicles, stealth technology and anti aircraft systems, federal prosecutors said."The people we met, UGG Discount Clearance they are presented from Beijing. They benefit Beijing government . "They are spies," he added exactly the same conversation. Attorney Paul Fishman said his office is prosecuting several cases regarding the attempted export of military or corporate trade techniques for China and that there were many similar cases nationwide during the last four or five years."China continues to be particularly aggressive in looking to obtain military technology, corporate secrets, classified information and trade secrets via a wide selection of tactics," he said.

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