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Dans l'ensemble du Parcours entrepreneurial Rmi Marcoux, le dveloppement du savoir tre chez les tudiants est particulirement valoris. Le volet acadmique du Parcours transmet des savoirs et des savoir faire entrepreneuriaux, dans le cadre de cours, stages et sjours internationaux. Le volet extra acadmique comprend diverses activits de mises en situation cibles et des activits de dcouverte.

Rideau Centre, the downtown mall that sits in the middle of the capital's tourist area, opened in 1983 included in the try to revitalize the downtown core towards the east from the canal, has clearly accomplished its mission! It began as a possible upscale shopping centre and is growing in that direction. [url=http://www.ukmichaelkorsshop.co.uk]Michael Kors Bags Cheap UK[/url] Very best in class retailers including Michael Kors, Coach and Harry Rosen, for starters, have discovered success within the Ottawa market at the Rideau Centre. As a result of Ottawa's appealing demographics and stable local economy, high-end retailers are looking for the funding just like they are at Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, along with the Rideau Centre is the choice place to go for forex.

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