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ABC current affairs staff have expressed fears the state based editions of seven.30 formerly generally known as Stateline will be quietly cancelled over the summer break.A representative from each program was called to Brisbane to get a meeting on Monday with management, including news director Kate Torney.One source who attended said staff mounted a "passionate defence" of these programs and the dependence on localised current affairs but that management made "no commitment" to save lots of the shows or give viewers an important alternative.Some fear when the uncertainty continues until December, in the event the programs are due for the summer break, their fate may be decided when they're on leave.In October, Fairfax Media revealed the ABC is considering replacing the eight state based Friday editions of 7.30 having a cheaper national show. But a determination is not likely prior to the federal government's Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) determines Michael Kors UK Store simply how much it's going to strip from your ABC's budget. Michael Kors Outlet If this Michael Kors Online UK doesn't happen until December, as some suggest, these programs may cease without a farewell to viewers.One staffer claimed "this would suit management just fine" because announcing a cancellation on the quiet summer period would "cause a lot less fuss" among viewers.

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