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These observations may be explained by differential transcription throughout the LTR inside the TZM bl cells, as transcription throughout the target UGGS Boots UK site is needed for TGS in human cells.16,25 To discover the extent of upstream transcription spanning the LTR, an RT PCR screen was completed using four different sets of primers spanning different areas of the LTR (Figure 3a, Supplementary Materials and techniques). With this screen, TZM bl cells were helped by or without HIV 1 Tat after which cellular mRNA assessed by RT PCR for transcription across various UGGS Boots UK regions of the HIV 1 LTR. Interestingly, transcription seems to be within the absence of Tat UGGS Boots Factory Outlet and also to initiate upstream in the 247as target site, thus encompassing the 247as and 362as targeted loci (Figure 3b).

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