Installing Infogami

So you want to run Infogami on your computer? Here's how (more documentation to come).


A computer with any POSIX-compatible OS (unix, linux, BSD, etc.). Infogami has been successfully run on the following systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Mac OS X.


You don't need to use anything in the 'Production' section of's installation guide if you only want to run Infogami on your local machine. If you want to use it for larger projects you may have to do some further reading.


createdb infogami  
psql infogami < infogami/tdb/schema.sql

You can also find in the infogami codebase.

(Edit: What are the steps involved in setting up users and accounts? I'm trying to register, but all I get is a error message saying that the email is already registered. even in the first time I do try to register anything.)

(_Answer:_ That was a bug that seems to be fixed now. Users and accounts should work the first time.)

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