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Gestational Diabetes a Clinical Presentation Gestational Diabetes Clinical Presentation Some pregnant women with gestational diabetes have diabetes symptoms associated with hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). These include: Increased thirst Frequent dieresis (increased urine) Weight loss despite increased appetite Fatigue Nausea or vomiting Yeast infections (vaginal candidacies, for example) Blurred vision However, some women have no detectable symptoms, which is why the tests for diabetes are made in routine prenatal care in all pregnant women. Diagnosis What Gestational Diabetes is usually diagnosed during the routine examination of prenatal treatment? In a normal pregnancy, the glucose levels are approximately 20% below what is seen in women who are not pregnant because the developing fetus absorbs a portion of the mother's blood glucose. The Diabetes is evident if blood sugar levels are higher than expected for pregnancy. For the woman who is overweight is having a family history of diabetes or have symptoms that suggest diabetes, it is recommended to glucose tolerance test on the first prenatal visit.

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